Sweet Paws: Spa Gloves

Brand identity, positioning, packaging for Sweet Paws the stylish on-the-go solution for dog play and teething puppies.

Sweet Paws is a silicone pet company, with stylish accessories for puppies and their people. This line of teethers helped solve a consumer issue when puppies tend to chew and destroy surrounding items when teething. These non-toxic silicone teethers are “wearable” and can be accessed easily on-the-go and to play fetch or tug with dogs at any age – anytime, anywhere.

The project encompassed a brand and color consultation from pre-existing logo idea to an upgraded logo idea which gave way to sub-branding possibilities. The design and functionality of the packaging was created to give opportunity to various themes and additional product lines. The original single packaging was updated to a clear cube packaging to showcase the teethers in various color stacks.

The playful look and feel of the brand is catered towards its online selling platforms: Chewy and Petco. The brand captures the joy and youthfulness of puppies and the bonds built between them as they grow. As the product line expands, the use of the products expanded to all dog ages. The color palette is catered to a gender-neutral audience and the various lines of colors give way to multiple theme and sub-branding possibilities.